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Welcome to your new SOSORT website,

1. A site that will be progressively translated into many languages.

Choose your language on the left:

2. Social Connections in the upper right

3. On the right, the login is fixed,

the level of accreditation is assigned by the webmaster or Andrea Lebel. SOSORT Members have a higher level of accreditation.

4. At the bottom right you can connect with the old website.

5. In the "promo" position, the slider is improved.

There are no more limits for the number of pictures.

6. In the content top position,

A module for membership

7. President's page

To simplify the board is included in this page

8. On the right,

Five modules:
- Newsletters
- The Cotrel Foundation's white paper for basic research.
- The hon-code,
- The partners
- The poster

9. This year I chose to insert the conference of Jean Dubousset,

our new Timelife Honorary Member. The original is on the Vimeo platform.


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