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SRS-SOSORT Patient Webinar!

Free View of Patient Webinar

We invite all our patients and colleagues to view the SRS-SOSORT Patient Webinar link to Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: 

More to come in 2018 on Adult Scoliosis.

Please share this invitation and registration link with your colleagues and patients!

Follow: #SRSScoliChat #SOSORTScoliosis

Become a member or Renew!

All health professionals concerned with the conservative treatment of vertebral deviations and patients are encouraged to apply. The SOSORT offers a wide array of membership opportunities for those involved in non surgical approach. Renew your SOSORT membership for 2017 to continue developing your career, accessing essential networking opportunities, and receiving other exclusive documentation and stop missing out on the many services that SOSORT membership offers. The SOSORT provides you with access to tools and resources that support you in your practice and help you improve patient care.

View current Members List!

An updated membership file has been posted. This file includes SOSORT members current through 7/31/2017 and beyond. Scroll down to view attachments... Professional (Pending) memberships will appear as a competitive memberships on membership lists until the background screen process has been completed.


EUROSPINE Spring Speciality Meeting 2018 - register now and save up to € 100! 

The Spring Speciality Meeting 2018 taking place in Vienna, Austria from 26-27 April 2018 is approaching quickly - and so is your final chance to save up to € 100 on registration fees.

Sign up before 21 February 2018 via our online registration platform.
If you are a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractic, you are eligible for the reduced fee for basic scientists. 
Find out more about our excellent programme on prevention strategies of spinal disability here.
Learn from specialists from different backgrounds from Europe and other parts of the world and join us for two days of exciting talks, lively discussions and an inspiring exchange of knowledge.

You need more reasons to attend? We are happy to announce that our Spring Speciality Meeting 2018 hast been rated as compliant with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna in April! 
Your Spring Speciality Meeting Organising Team

Learn from renowned experts 

Expand your knowledge, engage in lively discussions with your peers and take home valuable lessons on spinal disability.  

Did we make you curious? Click the button below. 

Network with your peers

Sign up for our official congress evening during the Spring Speciality Meeting registration process. 
You will get an authentic 'Vienna dining experience' as well as the chance to network in an informal atmosphere.
Make the most of your stay! 

After enjoying the scientific meeting, make sure you don't miss out on the cultural highlights Vienna has to offer: an evening at the opera, a visit at one of the numerous museums or simply strolling through the historic city. 

Memories of 2017 to Watch !



Kenneth Cheung


Consensus Session





Cotrel Foundation for Scoliosis Research


Born on January 22nd 1999, the Foundation aims to coordinate, sustain and promote - at both national and international levels - health research, more particularly in spinal diseases.

Our Partners


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Screening, Early Detection

There are two major components of early detection of scoliosis: information and education to promote early diagnosis and advancing screening programs.

Bracing Treatment

Spinal bracing for scoliosis in children is a common nonsurgical treatment. The overarching goal of orthotic treatment for idiopathic scoliosis is to stop the progression of the spinal curve. Learn more about evidence based bracing approach.

Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises: (PSSE)

Comprehensive review of seven major schools. Why is physical therapy used to treat scoliosis, and how does it work?

Lyon Conference Live

Reserved for SOSORT members during the first 4 months. Register now!. All oral presentations at the Lyon meeting were recorded and presented in the form of e-leaning

Jean Claude de Mauroy

Lyon 2017: Book of Abstracts

Use abstracts with research results 2 years before official publication. Very pratical Author index. Reference: Jean Claude de Mauroy. Book of Abstracts. Lyon, SOSORT, 2017. SOSORT eBooks. Web. 16 May. 2017.!


Lyon Instructional Course: The Sagittal plane (book)

Synthesis of conservative treatments of deviations in the sagittal plane: Hyperkyyphosis and flat back, Spondylolisthesis, Camptocormia ... How to use the Sagittalmeter?


Upcoming Events

The events of our imminent

                                        Level 1 course for the 2018 SOSORT pre-meeting 
                                     Level 2 course for the 2018 SOSORT pre-meeting 


SRS-SOSORT Patient Webinar 
We invite all our patients and colleagues to view the SRS-SOSORT Patient Webinar on Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: 
More to come in 2018 on Adult Scoliosis.

Annual Meeting in 2018

13th SOSORT International Conference on Scoliosis
2018 Tue Apr 17th - Sat 21st;
Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel, Ul. Iva Dulčića 142, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Read More


Spring Speciality Meeting 2018

Prevention strategies of spinal disability here. 26-27 APRIL, VIENNA, AUSTRIA.

Read More



25th IMAST July 11-14, 2018 Los Angeles, California, USA

53rd Annual Meeting & Course October 10-13, 2018 Seoul, South Korea 



June 14-16, 2018 IRSSD Meeting in Utrecht 



World Congress

The 17th ISPO World Congress will take place from 5-8 October 2019 in Kobe, Japan.


Pre-Conference Course Information:

Basic Course, Advance Course and Research Course, offered April 18th, 2018 

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